Imagine that, there are no photos in this world.

Neither digital nor film. There’s nothing you can view to recall some day, something, someone, that is so important to your life. If you are going to memorise everything with only your body and heart, would you spend this day differently? Would you turn off your phone, and talk to that someone who you can’t live without? Would you smell a piece of bread, and appreciate the fragrence of wheat? Would you breathe in the air gratefully, and remember the flavour of that morning? Would you close your eyes, and hear the surroundings of where you are? Would you focus on walking, and remember the texture of ground under your feet? Would you reach out your hand to touch something beautiful, and remember how it feels on your skin? Would you greet people with kindness, and remember how their smiles make your heart sing? Would you hum in a breezy evening, and remember the song of wind? Would you stop caring about how people comment on your social media page, and just live a moment of life?

Now, imagine that you can transform all the senses you have experienced above into photographs. Do you feel a difference when you re-live these moments again by looking at the photos?

I don’t care if a photo attracts all the attention from this world, I only care if it means something to you. It’s not about what I like. It’s about what it is. A moment of honesty.