alright, so I decided to put my own face here~hehe.

hi all, my name is Ting. why I use “KSANA”, (looks like K-sana I know, but pronounced as “sana”) instead of something easier to remember, is because I love the meaning of this Sanskrit word. ksana means “a moment”. it represents more than just weddings, couples, friends, family, romance, styles, etc etc, it’s about all those seconds that would not be coming back, and the honesty & stillness in between the changed and unchanged.

I love simple and slow paced life and I love being at home. When traveling, I like to pretend to be one of the locals and skip most of the main attractions, and without following a fixed itinerary~ I love everything that is handmade, including hand written letters, and I Love Love flea markets! But Sam, (my botak – means bald in case you don’t know Singlish – husband who is the most special and important man to me in this world besides my dad) & I have learnt to buy less and to live happily with what we already have. we have no car, no TV, no most advanced phones, literally little clothes and shoes and bags, and living without many things that a family in modern cities usually has. so our house looks empty with lots of space. but we are really, really happy with this. it actually makes us more creative sometimes, hah! we enjoy time hosting friends at home with home cooked food, going for walks and exploring the unique part of Singapore on quiet weekdays. we like to read and enjoy conversations with small groups of people. and, though we don’t know how to dance like a pro, we like to! 🙂

I’m bad at doing admin stuff actually, like emails, I’m very slow at it sometimes because I really want to reply you more personally besides telling you my package and price. I can be talkative, also I need quiet solo time. I think that is the space I leave to find new inspirations and to feel the inner joy, and the calmness that everybody (especially women) needs.

And probably you would understand why I love intimate celebrations at cozy places, with a not-so-rushed schedule that enables all of us there to truly live the day. It will still slip away like a flash, but at least there is space for more meaningful things to happen, and most importantly, nothing beats spending more time with our favorite people!

Well, that’s quite a fair bit of myself, if you did read all of the above, thank you so much, friend, I’m looking forward to knowing you soon!


*taken by the husband, Samuel from Samuel Goh Photography