{Brenda + Samuel}


I met amazing people in this wedding. I was surrounded by pure love and joy, and shared so much laughters and tearing moments with everyone, that I couldn’t describe how I felt by words.

This was the 1st time I photographed a bride without make up. And, all the bridesmaids too. Yet, I have to say, this was one of the most beautiful wedding I have ever experienced. No, there were no branded or expensive stuffs at all, but every single detail has shown how much heart the couple and their friends had, for all the people being there. I felt like entering another world, not just because of the awesome decorations, but by experiencing the true beauty of human being. And I was convinced, yes, such beauty of human does exit in the real world besides movies.

Bren and Sam, you and your close ones had shown me how simple life can be, and how easy to be happy, so naturally by just being yourselves. Bren and your lovely bridesmaids, there were no make ups on your faces, but trust me, you are beyond beautiful. You’ve shown everyone that, a woman’s beauty always comes from within, her confidence, her wisdom, her understanding and her kind strong heart. I was touched deeply within, and was deeply inspired. I will remember this day, I know I will. My most sincere blessings to you, my dearest friends, Bren and Sam.

Today’s wedding had been featured on The Wedding Scoop, go Here for more photos.

Beautifully styled by Dianne Asha, To The Drawing Room