{Dianne + Benjamin} Part II – Perth


I still remember everything.

I remember the distinguished freshness in the air after a mild rain before dawn; the huge wide spread of golden long grass with a calming fragrance; the translucent yellow and green shades of that peaceful vineyard; the crunch of crisp dried leafs on soft black soil under the grapevines, and the sweetness of naturally sun dried grapes. I remember the stillness of that dreamy abandoned white house on a sandy land surrounded by grasses with little yellow flowers, eagles hovered in the sky; the emptiness. I remember the sound of cooling wind of that late afternoon, in the forest of rustling tall pine trees; the roughness of those gray-brown tree barks; the secret code of rings on a cracked stump; palm sized pinecones everywhere on the ground that paved with golden yellow fallen pine needles and chipped fine branches, and the howls of crows at nightfall.

It takes me a while coming back to reality, each time I view the photos and immerse in the memories all over again. A year ago, four of us spent a long day in Perth doing something fun and a little bit crazy with so much laughters, and feeling young again. Dianne & Ben’s simple but absotely tasteful dressings and set ups made everywhere we went into a surreal dream. I couldn’t simply identify it as a “photoshoot”. It was a journey getting closer and knowing one and other better, enjoy, involved, connect, giving love, and discover something beautiful beyond thoughts. There was no “you” or “me”, there was only “One”. The magic of photographing people who you can now call close friends, and photographing with your beloved one, was just amazing. It was one of the perfect days, cos I could be there, knowing I could trust and I was trusted, and together we made things possible. So thank you my dearest friends Dianne & Ben for believing in me, and being literally lovely to hang around with! And to my love Samuel, I’m so glad we share this awesome memory together. Thanks for suggesting and bringing us to these beautiful places and being there through out the day.

Hair & Make Up: Creations by Kassy

Styling: Dianne Asha from To The Drawing Room

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