{Dianne + Benjamin} The Wedding – Changi Cove


The story started from a half-written note left stuck in an old rusty typewriter.

“You’re not my type, but you’re just right.”

Dianne used to have a typewriter in her room for a few years, that she will type her heart every so often. She kept the typewriter away about a year ago until the day before wedding. And there she found this unfinished note, written once upon a hard day a couple of years ago. Not even Ben had read this before.

Ben and Dianne wasn’t each other’s type, I was told by her and she was giggling. Dianne is a dreamer yet a doer with an open mind, absotely talented with all kinds of beautiful imagination in her head, a bit random and naughty sometimes. Ben is a huge book lover. He could easily enter the world of books any time and anywhere, ignoring everything else. All of Dianne’s close ones were surprised when two of them got together, cos they felt Dianne would probably marry a Eurasian eventually with a more active character. But things just turned out right. I’ve never fail to see how Ben fits Dianne perfectly from the first time we met one and other. He is like an ocean, caring, generous and tolerate, that Dianne could literally be who she is in front of him, and plays her pranks on him as often as she likes. He is her hero, that he would carry her over his shoulder and walk away from a lizard that frightens her. And she would colour his world by all the beautiful things she creates.

I left a piece of my heart behind, to the date of their wedding that I was simply left speechless, couldn’t believe that I had been there.

Every detail has a meaning behind, and was placed together in a most beautiful combination, that you could tell this is Dianne and Ben, and could clearly sense the heart for their love ones. The people were there, and it’s always the people there making a celebration worth to celebrate. You know, those who really care.

I would never forget the tears and hugs from the intimate sharing between Dianne and her bridesmaids, the giggles from a naughty conversation between Dianne and her beloved mom followed by a heartfelt cuddle, the blessings expressed by Ben’s brothers in their men’s way, and the implicit love to the son told by Ben’s parents’ body language. And I would always remember how eagerly Dianne embraced Ben the moment she reached him at the end of the aisle, before her mom even giving her hand to him.

And many more.

I left a piece of my heart behind. “You’re not my type, but you’re just right.”


~ Ting


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Second photographer: Our good friend Eugene Ng from Samuel Goh Photography. Click Here for more photos.
Styling: Dianne Asha from TO THE DRAWING ROOM
Venue: Changi Cove, Singapore