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So, most of you who know me in person, know that I have an old soul. Old and slow, to be precise. I have accepted that myself can never be good at multi-tasking, so, forgive me for the long silence on all social media platforms in 2016. There wasn’t a fast forward button to press, hence I got to go through the big “three in ones” one by one (house, moving, wedding), in just several months time, like a lot of you. 🙂 They said it would be a bitter sweet journey. Well, to us, bitter almost all the way, and sweet at the last. (*chuckles*) But the how it turned out was beyond beautiful that I would not trade it for anything else.

It still feels surreal that Sam & I got married in that magical woods in Western Australia, with the uppermost selfless help and support from all our close ones and families, every single of them. For those two days, all of us had travelled out from this world, and escaped to a space without signals and wifi, without social media, TV, or any modern entertainments. What had companied us were rustling tall trees, red earth, a crystal clear river, whisper of wind and greetings of birds, some wild kangaroos, campfire, and, one another.

Yes, time passed like a flash. Before I could realise what was going on, I was already walking down the path with my father, the red earth path that splits the tall tress to two sides and leads to the rive side, where Sam & I were going to exchange our vows. My father, I have never seem him so handsome before, held me firmly yet tenderly. I walked really slow, a little nervous and could not believe the moment was here. I remembered stepping into the gentle sunlights at the end of the path, there I saw everyone’s face, our favourite people. Not a single one of them was holding a phone or camera. Their presence were so strong, so real, and it moved me so much, by just being able to look into their eyes. Near the end of the aisle I saw my mum, beautifully dressed, with both eyes red and tearing, smiling at me. I could never forget that expression on her, it was something that I have never seen in my life since a child, something I could never expected to see on her face. Things happened less than seconds like fast movie scenes, but the feelings were just too powerful, and too hard to be forgotten. My eyes met Sam’s, and from that moment onwards I could no longer move my sight away, I had to stop at the aisle a while and take a deep breath. Our gaze glued on each other, there was such a glow in his eyes, you know, as if the best thing in life is approaching him. This man, the one whom I trust and love with all my heart, the one whom had grow with me together through the good and really tough times for the past three years, was going to take me over from my father’s hand, at the end of the aisle, at the turning point of our lives.

And the rest are just too much to be described. Us, and everybody, laughed so hard, teared so much, and danced like there were no others in the world. The tangling lights in the woodshed, fragrance of flowers on table mixed with the smell of burning woods from the fire place and the smell of food, the band’s beautiful music and frequent clinking of glasses, everything was too hard to not remember.

People sometimes said wedding is just a one day thing. I agree. More than hundreds times before the wedding we just wanted to elope to an island, have a holiday there and coming back announcing we are married, because we had spent so much, so much sleepless nights, planning, considering and worrying, and it wiped off a big sum from our pockets, for just one and half day that spun away without us noticing. But if time revers, I believe we would do it all over again, because that day, turned out to be the best day in our lives! And that day, has brought so many of us even closer. It was the only day that we could gather all our close ones under one roof, the only day we saw all the most lovely faces of all of them, the only day we said something from the bottom of our hearts that were never said before, the only day we received words and letters with touching messages that we were never told before, the only day we hugged our parents and be hugged like a baby all over again. It was a day that was sealed with too much positive emotions and memories, that it will forever remind us to be truly grateful to these friends, to our families, to each other, and remind us the reasons to hold on tight through all the toughness in future.

Photos are not memories, they are traces To the memories, like the lights along the road to a beautiful destination. They would only matter so much if you have really lived the day and your heart and all your senses remember something special. This photo I’m sharing with you, the only big group photo we have with everyone inside, become one of the most important image from our wedding. By just seeing each of our face and smile, it is like a chain reaction that evokes all the moments that are related to them. For all of you who are getting married this year, I wish you an unplugged wedding that enables you and your close ones to live it fully, I wish you to have hand written vows on paper that will absorb the trace of time, I wish you a most special day that it will never happen according to what you have planned but way better than you could ever imagine, I wish you remember to take a closer look at your close ones who have grown older or grown up with you, I wish you to remember holding each other’s hand and each other’s heart, I wish you a home that love will always stay. Happy 2017!

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