{to the future you} II


Nobody knows how it feels like being parents, until it’s ourselves turn one day. But I know it takes more than courage to commit to a little life that is bond to you, so closely. The pain and torture of giving birth and learning the proper way of breastfeeding, the never-enough-of-sleep nights, accepting being no time to take a relax shower or even comb your hair, be prepared to be messed up by milk / poo / pee over and over again, and, maybe no more sweet good night kisses /¬†little bed time talks cos you simply faint when you can eventually sleep.¬†

But look at what you’ve made with your beloved one. A tiny body looks like the both of you but with its own soul and characters. Your home grown buddy / sister.

Pause for one minute, hold this person who nurtures this fragile yet strong miracle together with you, a heart embrace is more than a thousand words of thank you and I love you.


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